Zou Bisou

It was late summer and the sunshine was still valiantly asserting its presence, bouncing off the white walls of Leamington. Emmy was up and out early, armed with her laptop, striding purposefully. She was on her way to the perfect venue in which to be comfortable and inspired as she worked on her writing projects. A place that had huge windows, perfect for people-watching; a place frequented by many other people with laptops, offering occasional idle and interesting chatter; a place with a fabulously eccentric music playlist and superb refreshments. Emmy was off to Zou Bisou in Regent’s Court.


She plugged her laptop and phone into one of the plentiful USB sockets on the back wall, securing an open view of Leamington scurrying by, everyone dashing through their morning routines. The music on this particular day was fairly relaxed, but Emmy smiled at the memory of one of her favourite moments in this place. This moment happened around the same time the previous year – late summer, when Emmy was thoroughly bored of the muggy weather and pining for her favourite seasons of the year – autumn and winter – to get underway. Vernon and Emmy were enjoying a drink in one of the elaborate window armchairs of ZouBisou, and out of nowhere All I Want for Christmas is You came blaring over the sound system. Emmy was in seventh heaven, singing along with glee, whilst Vernon buried his head in his hands as he had a very strict ‘no Christmas until December’ policy. Emmy, in contrast, would happily begin gearing up for Christmas as early as possible and this moment made her feel like Zou Bisou was doing a little something just for her. From the look on the other customers’ faces, she was certainly the only one that seemed to be appreciating it.

The personality of the owner of Zou Bisou – the brilliantly energetic, welcoming Steph – exuded throughout the whole venue. Steph remembered not only Emmy’s usual drink order, but also details of a previous conversation where Emmy was discussing her career break and future plans – and Emmy gratefully received some motivational advice along with her perfectly roasted Americano. She declined the temptation of frozen yoghurt – the café’s speciality – on this occasion, but had devoured it in the past. The café was open until 10.30pm and so provided a fantastically fun dessert treat. Herself and Vernon had scurried here on a few occasions, following a sophisticated dinner in a restaurant, to indulge in being Big Kids using the serve-yourself fro-yo station, complete with a wonderful array of toppings from gummy bears to Smarties to white mice to cornflakes. This unique concept was a big hit, but the café also reigned in providing some of the best cakes, savoury snacks and full meals in Leamington too, with a surprisingly large and varied menu from rocky road to bagels to omelettes to salads.

On this August morning Emmy spent a good hour nestled in her cosy corner, feeling very fortunate to have this unique café – there really was no other place like it – practically on her doorstep.