Christmas Lights Switch-On

Happy anticipation caused Emmy’s leg to jiggle underneath the table. She checked her watch. “Fifteen minutes! Let’s move.” Vernon’s eyebrows raised a smidgeon before his mouth pursed in concentration and his entire attention was diverted back to his iPad. “How can they ask that much for that garden…?” he grumbled. Emmy uncrossed and re-crossed her […]

Ditching Perfectionism

Over the past few months I have become an avid podcast listener. My favourite ones currently span the topics of science, design, general inquisitiveness and – inevitably – eating disorders. I’ve recently learned some very important things that have helped me stay on track during the anxious build-up to the huge life change that is […]

An Adult Anorexic

I penned this a couple of months ago, and given the recent research into the economic impacts of eating disorders (conducted by PwC – more info here ) it seems topical. My underlying opinion is that mental health needs to ‘catch up’ with physical health when it comes to consideration and provision in the workplace. […]

A Good Weekend

I was so amazed at how pivotal and positive this weekend was that I felt the need to share it with other sufferers and recoverers, to instil hope in everyone. I’ll start by looking at how things could have been so different had this weekend happened six months ago. No point trying to dress it […]