When One Door Closes

Realisation trailed a thorny chill across his neck. Precisely where the lies had begun was still a mystery, but it was clear he had been exploited and exposed as a gullible fool. “Oh, my dear boy, you aren’t coming back in here,” the guard slurred with a smirk, folding his arms and leaning against the […]


The squirrel leant against the scratchy bark and curled his tail around his cold feet. The sharp wind repeatedly forced prolonged blinking, but he could still watch the show from his lonely vantage point. The badger, woodpecker, fox, hedgehog and a few garden birds revolved around the feeding station. To the rose-tinted lenses of human […]

25th March 2020: Locked Down

It’s day two of lockdown. Or, perhaps, hopefully-as-locked-down-as-it’s-going-to-get; best manage our expectations. Social distancing and self-isolating are lodged into vocabulary like they’ve been around forever. The phrase ‘when it’s all over’ needs no further explanation. The world has changed so rapidly that time is, paradoxically, passing extremely slowly. Surely it’s not only a few days […]