Jephson Gardens

Snap. Snap. Focus. Snap. Yikes…toppling off-balance…snap. “Beautiful, yes?” Emmy jumped as a voice disturbed her floral photography session. She looked up from her decidedly inelegant position, crouched uneasily in the dirt, her handbag and camera case sprawled across the footpath. “Yes! Dahlias are one of my favourites, especially dark red ones” she smiled. “Almost finished […]

Cote, Regent’s Court

“Table for 7 on Saturday night, please” Emmy said to Cote’s maitre d’. She was unsure as to whether the maitre d’ recognised her – Emmy did come here rather often, after all – but either way she treated Emmy with her usual friendliness, politeness and efficiency. “Of course,” she said, “is this for any […]

Costa, The Parade

Within the realm of simple pleasures, one of Emmy’s favourites was a barista knowing her drink order before she spoke. She walked through the door of Costa on the Parade, armed with her laptop bag as usual, and as she reached the counter the server asked “ice or no ice today, madam?” This was in […]

Zou Bisou

It was late summer and the sunshine was still valiantly asserting its presence, bouncing off the white walls of Leamington. Emmy was up and out early, armed with her laptop, striding purposefully. She was on her way to the perfect venue in which to be comfortable and inspired as she worked on her writing projects. […]