25th March 2020: Locked Down

It’s day two of lockdown. Or, perhaps, hopefully-as-locked-down-as-it’s-going-to-get; best manage our expectations. Social distancing and self-isolating are lodged into vocabulary like they’ve been around forever. The phrase ‘when it’s all over’ needs no further explanation. The world has changed so rapidly that time is, paradoxically, passing extremely slowly. Surely it’s not only a few days […]

Weddings happen in real life. With real people. So how can we ever expect them to be perfect?

During my wedding daydreaming and the early days of planning, I appear to have adopted a belief that some ethereal magic makes everything go right. For example, if I consider having my make-up done by another person on any other day, I picture the very likely scenario of being dumb with remorse when handed the […]

Palma de Mallorca

Day 0 – The Night Before Welcome to Birmingham International Airport Car Park. Auto number plate recognition in operation for pre-booked customers, the sign read. Emmy waited. The barrier did not move. She was, of course, a pre-booked customer. Emmy booked everything as far in advance as humanly possible. And yes, her car was filthy […]